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Civil Aviation documents regulating the activities aiming at decreasing the danger of birds strikes


The system of standard requirements on the OPSF of the Civil Aviation had been build up by the end of the Soviet period which was a positive and necessary step in the development of the branch. A range of branch documents coordinate the requirements among themselves. Projects of the Chapters concerning ornithological provision were prepared by the AOG specialists.

Unfortunately, in the 90-s the whole system was practically destroyed due to the change of branch documentation. The new documents replacing the old ones were not able to provide the necessary level of legal base development of safety provision.

At present requirements on the OPSF can be found in many aviation documents however they leave aside 20 years of technical and scientific progress as well as practical experience. Furthermore discrepancy with the standard ICAO requirements is evident.

Nowadays it is essential to update the legal base of the OPSF and formulate new requirements to match the up-to-date conditions of the air traffic and correspond with the ICAO documents.

The phenomenon of such delay in the development can be seen to the greatest extent in the document called The Instructions on the Ornithological Safety Provision of Flights for Civil Aviation-89 containing most complete requirements on the OPSF. The necessity of the revision of this document is being pointed out by the ICAO every year since 1995. Revision was also demanded by the airports themselves, as the disproportion between the standards and practical situation hampers their work. However the decision to revise the document has not been made.

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